We Are Here To Serve You
Titan Connection is a team of young, dynamic, caring individuals with a strong commitment to working hard and constantly providing high-spirited and excellent customer service. Established in 2009, we opened our first Boost Mobile location in December of that year in Madison, Tennessee. We followed with locations in West and South Nashville, Murfreesboro, Shelbyville and Chattanooga. Our focus in always providing the best and most knowledgeable customer service, in both English and Spanish, has been elemental to our success. We are proactive and attentive, treating our customers as though they are our friends and family that are guests in our home. We are devoted and determined to maintain our reputation as a reliable and earnest cell phone retailer and as ardent members of the Nashville business community.Our approach to business and guest service has ultimately led to all of our locations to consistently hold positions within the top rankings of all Boost Mobile stores in the state of Tennessee. Our competitive nature and dedication to success will keep us within the top rankings and facilitate our attainment of our company goals while not compromising our values.